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At Discount Computers, Inc. all our Computers come with




you'll find many different configurations of desktop PCs, notebooks, and servers at various price ranges, and configured with what you want in them!  Whether for use at home or a business, our large selection features the latest generation of devices.


We also carry special gaming computers featuring high resolution and powerful performance, so you can sit back and enjoy your games!

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When you buy a PC from us you will have your own personal computer trainer!      Our teacher will teach you the basics if you are a beginner, and when you are a more advanced user, we will help you with Microsoft Office, Photo Editing, File Management, PC Maintenance (how to use your Anti-Virus and Malware programs etc.), Backing-up, Facebook/MySpace type online programs, Webcam use, even Twitter to name a few things!  Classes are always FREE, individual and whatever you want to learn about, which covers a realm of subjects, for all levels of user. Our V.I.P. customers just call and schedule whenever they want a class, 6 days a week.  If you run into questions between classes, our trainer or one of us, will be happy to help you, anytime.  No calling a call center and getting the run-around!


The only things we don't teach are accounting/personal finance programs, CAD programs, and programs we don't sell or know. Although, we will help you install them FREE of charge as part of our service transferring your data from your old to new PC, or at a later date.